What Others Say About Shine Through Play

I have noticed a positive improvement in some children and how they regulate their emotions since attending Play Therapy sessions. I highly recommend that children that have social and emotional issues attend Play Therapy. It is a nurturing way for children to express themselves and provides an opportunity to develop a trusting relationship with Christine. I feel that play therapy is a valuable service that should be in schools it helps to equip children to filter and deal with their emotions in a safe and healthy way.
I have noticed a positive improvement, children who have visited play therapy appear happier, more confident and settled within the classroom. Play Therapy has allowed to children to become more confident and be able to express themselves. Fantastic support for all children and very helpful for Social and Emotional needs.
Year 6 Teacher
I feel that my child has benefited from Play Therapy as he seems more positive and keener to learn. Over time I have noticed he is easier to talk to and will be more open as well. He has built positive relationships and better one with me. I would highly recommend play therapy.
Parent of Year 6 Boy
Over the last couple of years, I have seen a few children benefit from Play Therapy, they chose to talk more with other adults to calm down rather than using physical means. Christine has such a fantastic rapport with any of the children that walk into her play therapy room. Her gentle approach enables children to understand that it is okay to talk and open up to somebody with in a safe environment which she creates. Children are given the opportunity to develop coping strategies which they may not have otherwise. Christine is an amazing practitioner and I can’t thank her enough for the help that she has given to the children within my class.
Year 4 Teacher
Since my child has been coming to play therapy he has been gaining positive relationships and is more open regarding his feelings at home. I feel that the service provided has helped my child and his mental health.
Parent of Year 6 Boy

When my year 6 daughter experienced bullying she lost her self esteem, her confidence and was anxious.   We wanted to get her help before she went to secondary school and to get her back to her usual happy self.  We were recommended play therapy and Christine’s service.  Our daughter got so much out of the sessions and Christine explained everything wonderfully.  She made our daughter and us feel comfortable and was so engaging.  From session 1 we could see that the therapy was going to make a big difference and we finally got our happy confident daughter back.  She has now started secondary and is doing very well and her change of mindset which has come from the play therapy and Christine’s wonderful support has enabled this.  We highly recommend Christine and play therapy.  Thanks Christine.