Shine Through Play

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Play Therapy helps to improve the emotional well being of a child, helping to reduce their emotional and psychological problems.

Find that Safe Place to Explore Issues

I will give you a safe and protected space to explore any issues to find inner peace in a non-judgemental therapeutic relationship. Many children and even adults don’t want to talk or cannot talk about their feelings and what might be going on for them, this is why Play Therapy is effective for both adults and children.

Play therapy

Children displaying any symptoms of attachment issues, controlling behaviour or ADHD behaviours can be assisted with the use of play therapy.


With reflection and acceptance, it can provide helpful skills to learn how to break the cycle of OCD patterns and self-harm.

Emotional Expression

Experiencing low self-esteem, a noticeable change in behaviour will often lead to concern for a person’s and child’s welfare.

Play Enactment

A divorce, separation or bereavement within a family can often affect not only a child’s emotions but it can also have an emotional impact on an adults thoughts and feelings.

Regaining Control

Creative therapy can also benefit people suffering from anxiety, eating disorders or addictions


By processing inner turmoil leading to unwanted behaviours a child’s adolescent or adults self-esteem improves impacting on their growing confidence and inner space

Play Therapy can have a huge impact on a pupils self-esteem and sense of well being. Their attitude towards learning and ability to work effectively as part of the class and school community has improved. Play Therapy is an incredible way for children to work through any issues or problems they are having at home or anxieties about school, in a safe nurturing environment. all children that struggle in areas should have the opportunity as it can have a positive impact on their whole outlook an success in life.
Year 6 Teacher